Why Should I Choose Green Friends Montessori School?

Green Friends Montessori School is a secular organization and does not promote any specific religious beliefs.  Diverse religious beliefs of students and families are respected, as well as the spirituality of the individual child, in keeping with Montessori principles.

About Green Friends Montessori School ​

Green Friends Montessori School is located in a renovated single-story house on the property of MA Center Chicago .  Our home-like environment includes two bright, open classrooms, an adjacent office, a kitchen, two bathrooms, large picture windows overlooking the spacious yard, and a fenced-in nature playground.  The school also has access to the 140 acre MA Center property, which includes fruit orchards, organic vegetable gardens, a permaculture “food forest,” greenhouses, honeybees, restored prairie, a bluebird nesting box trail, ponds, and Blackberry Creek. 

Our nature-based Montessori experiences are developed to increase the child’s natural curiosity and respect for the world around him.  Whether planting seeds in the garden, counting insects under a log, collecting leaves, observing birds, building a stick fort, or writing a story about a nature experience, the child utilizes her body together with her mind to formulate and test ideas and observe results.  These experiences deepen the child’s awareness of the world around him and his special place on our planet.

We place great importance on developing a peaceful school community.  On a daily basis,

we practice using kind words and gentle hands, taking turns, respecting other’s ideas and

thoughts, and caring for ourselves, other people, and the environment.  As the children

internalize what it means to live and work in a peaceful community, they are preparing

themselves to live harmoniously in our increasingly diverse world.

We understand the importance of a home-like environment for a young child’s first

school experience.  We have kept this principle in mind when designing our school.  

Our home-like environment includes an open central classroom with large

picture windows overlooking the spacious yard, an adjacent office, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a fenced-in nature playground.  

About Us 

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Green Friends Montessori School supports the holistic development of each child and aims to awaken in each child the internal drive for exploration. Our peaceful educational community promotes care, responsibility, and leadership.

We believe in the Montessori principle that each child develops at his or her own pace through individual discovery.  We recognize the child’s need for hands-on experiences to develop his intelligence and sense of self, and we provide a scientifically-prepared classroom led by an Early Childhood Montessori-credentialed teacher.  In our environment, the children progress at their own pace from simple to complicated concepts in language, mathematics, and the sciences, as well as sensorial explorations and practical life skills.

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