Montessori Society. Kathryn has many years of experience in teaching both environmental education and Montessori preschool.  At Green Friends Montessori School, Kathryn is passionate about combining authentic Montessori education with an experiential, nature-based curriculum.

"I love that the children are allowed to follow their own inspiration as they grow into lifetime learners." - parent

"Green Friends has been a breath of fresh air and a wonderful experience for all of us involved.  We were somewhat aware of the Montessori approach and have been so thrilled with the progress, friendships, and confidence that it has afforded my child.  We truly could not be happier, and we are so grateful for all of the teachers, staff, and friends we've made!"

"I like that Montessori school gives my child a sense of self-reliance and confidence." 

"I love Green Friends Montessori for so many reasons: the wonderful community; it's a nurturing environment where my child is accepted and appreciated for who she is; she is thriving; this environment allows her to learn naturally." 

Offering Nature-based Montessori Education for Children Ages 3 - 6th Grade

~ Half-day and full-day classes 

~ Before and after school care 

~ Summer camps

Parent Testimonials

Green Friends Montessori School

Nature-Based Education for Ages 3 - 6th Grade

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"I love the way Montessori has taught my child to work collaboratively while also helping him develop a strong sense of self."

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Green Friends Montessori School supports the holistic development of each child and aims to awaken in each child the internal drive for exploration. Our peaceful educational community promotes care, responsibility, and leadership.

"We love Green Friends Montessori and look forward to our children growing here through 6th grade! The teachers are wonderful, the environment is warm and cozy, and my child just feels better when he gets to play outside with nature.  He is calmer, more confident, and is learning to express his feelings. Our son is blossoming since starting school here, and is finally making new friends. It's truly a magical place and I feel so blessed that we found it."

Offering Expert Montessori Instruction
with Early Childhood Montessori-credentialed teachers


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About our Lead Teacher
Ms. Kathryn

Kathryn holds a BA in environmental studies from St. Olaf College and an Early Childhood teaching credential from the American